Customer Value, Mathematical Rigor, Experimentation, Clear Communication, and Ownership. These values define the critical pathway through which I have been successful in connecting business outcomes with highly motivated, highly performant teams. Having been surrounded by and partnered with the very best in the fields of software, product led growth, data science, and team organization, I am uniquely suited to own your next next jaw dropping user experience or hockeysticking revenue stream - powered by data and delivered at scale.


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    Senior Machine Learning EngineerPfizer, Inc.

     —    Invalid date

    • Authored/Trained/Implemented NLP AI to automatically route support tickets, achieving 90% success rate, $12k in cost reduction per week
    • Hand wrote preprocessing and feature extraction in pandas
    • Hand engineered features from Oracle dataset analysis in addition to model generated freetext embeddings
    • Led Automation Center of Excellence team of 6 to create automation solutions for internal clients
    • Launched SDLC compliance controlled production services, including Gitlab and AWX
    • Implemented SCRUM/Agile practices in previously waterfall teams
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    Full Stack Software EngineerNth Round, Inc.

     —    10 months

    Nth Round is an NEA backed startup that aims to provide a blockchain-powered secure marketplace for the resale of private equity among its clients' shareholders.

    • Synchronized business data between Salesforce source of truth and DynamoDB operational store
    • Extracted intent features from end user activity sessions on platform
    • Created recommendation feature to drive user engagement in liquidity asset platform, enabling 5x increase in average user network size over 4 months
    • Authored full suite of 26 AWS Lambda serverless microservices in nodejs, python, and Rust
    • Wrote mobile optimised browser client for Ethereum blockchain smart contract using Web3, Ethers.js, Geth, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet
    • Enabled real-time content editing and chat for customer data using AWS serverless websocket API
    • Designed and implemented secure single-use "magiclink" email-based auth using Lambda, DynamoDB, and SES
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    Senior Full Stack DeveloperRelay Network, LLC.

     —    2 years

    • Designed Event Driven Analytics pathway with Kafka, Spark and Kinesis, increasing actionable business insight data by 50,000 events per day
    • Created Entity Linking system to identify and disambiguate unique users on the platform, allowing 20k new users to be recognized and 70k duplicate users to be removed
    • Ran Jupyter based feature demos to internal product strategy teams, sales, and client relationship teams
    • Containerized 14 service system for rapid local development, images tagged and stored on AWS: ECR
    • Architected document versioning and archive retrieval system for client defined data.
    • AWS S3 based SFTP platform for 39 clients, used for triggering automated reports from Looker
    • Implemented Jenkins based continuous integration pipeline for 6 Clojure, 2 Ansible, 3 Node service
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    Senior Applications DeveloperBank of America

     —    a year

    The Saber2 dev team was an internal development task force charged with modernizing and replacing Bank of America's capital reporting platform, Saber

    • Created Distributed Scheduler API using redis/couchbase
    • Led daily standups with 8 person team focused horizontal delivery of apps to bank-wide users.
    • Created Supervised Event Management model to schedule calculation jobs based on history of runtimes
    • Guided product execution team to new web migration strategy
    • Provided strategic training to collaborating teams on new web migration strategy
    • Interfaced daily with customers to support software products
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    Senior Backend Python DeveloperDivvy Cloud

     —    9 months

    • Architected reporting event emission pipeline
    • Architected and implemented a GUI based, JSON driven cloud automation framework 'BotFactory' - scale tested for use with General Electric cloud computing.
    • Designed unit test implementation strategy around 3 year old legacy code base cloud harvesting engine
    • Created cloud testing framework tools for use with multiple asynchronous python processes
    • Designed Clojure based microservice replacement architecture for use with cloud harvesting service.
    • Designed a cloud simulation engine using jinja2 templating and XML responses in combination with a flask server.
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    Python DeveloperFreelance

     —    a year

    • Unit testing using Pycharm Integrated nosetests and coverage, using Mock when needed.
    • Developed a data migration feature using GZ File Compression and AES 256 encryption.
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    Python/Django/SQL Site BuilderIndependent Contractor

     —    a year

    • Implemented LSFR algorithm to generate unique shortcodes for SMS messaging
    • Architected robustness system for notifications when SMS carrier is unavailable
    • Designed and implemented migration framework using petal - migrated from postgres into couchbase


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     —    2 years

    Temple University


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    Python Master

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    Java Intermediate

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    Rust Beginner

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    C# Intermediate

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    AWS Serverless Master

    • SAM
    • EC2
    • Lambda
    • DynamoDB
    • ECR
    • Alexa
    • Cloudfront
    • S3
    • Cloudformation
    • Sns
    • Appsync
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    Javascript/Client Master

    • React
    • Nodejs
    • Clojurescript
    • Vue.js
    • Webcomponents
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    Clojure Master

    • Java
    • Datomic
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    Docker Advanced

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    Go Beginner

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    Analytics Advanced

    • Kafka
    • Spark
    • Flink
    • Kappa
    • Prometheus
    • Kinesis
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    Data Persistence Advanced

    • Redis
    • Oracle
    • Couchbase
    • Elasticsearch
    • Postgresql
    • Dynamodb
    • Sql
    • Mysql
    • Redshift
    • S3
    • Graphql