Experienced builder of distributed systems, asynchronous applications, and stable, blinding fast code. Believes that a good engineering team's core values are Customer Satisfaction, Cadence, and Learning.


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    Data Science and Automation SupportPfizer, Inc.

     —    Invalid date

    • Authored/Trained/Implemented NLP AI to automatically route support tickets, achieving 90% success rate, $12k in cost reduction per week
    • Led Automation Center of Excellence team of 6 to create automation solutions for internal clients
    • Launched SDLC compliance controlled production services, including Gitlab and AWX
    • Implemented SCRUM/Agile practices in previously waterfall teams
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    Full Stack Software EngineerNth Round, Inc.

     —    10 months

    Nth Round is an NEA backed startup that aims to provide a blockchain-powered secure marketplace for the resale of private equity among its clients' shareholders.

    • Authored full suite of 26 AWS Lambda serverless microservices in nodejs, python, and Rust
    • Directly engaged in external sales process - qualifying leads, attending tradeshows, fielding late stage tech implementation calls
    • Wrote mobile optimised browser client for Ethereum blockchain smart contract using Web3, Ethers.js, Geth, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet
    • used AWS APPSync to synchronize blockchain activity with customer admin panel and reporting tool
    • Enabled real-time content editing and chat for customer data using AWS serverless websocket API
    • Designed and implemented secure single-use "magiclink" email-based auth using Lambda, DynamoDB, and SES
    • Synchronized business data between Salesforce source of truth and DynamoDB operational store
    • Deployed and managed secure hosting of 11 custom web apps on AWS Cloudfront CDN backed by S3 static site hosting
    • Administrated marketing wordpress website hosting on Elastic Beanstalk featuring secure salesforce connection for lead capture
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    Senior Full Stack DeveloperRelay Network, LLC.

     —    2 years

    • In charge of drafting, publication and distribution of release notes, worked closely with QA, Client Services and Product
    • Reviewed and released new software to production using “bake” tasks and other bash scripts which I maintained
    • Oversaw smoke testing of newly released code in production environment
    • Oversaw biweekly software releases: and drew up release notes for Client Services/Sales
    • AWS S3 based SFTP platform for 39 clients, used for triggering automated reports from Looker
    • Ran Jupyter based feature demos to internal product strategy teams, sales, and client relationship teams
    • Containerized 14 service system for rapid local development, images tagged and stored on AWS: ECR
    • Architected document versioning and archive retrieval system for client defined data.
    • AWS S3 based SFTP platform for 39 clients, used for triggering automated reports from Looker
    • Implemented Jenkins based continuous integration pipeline for 6 Clojure, 2 Ansible, 3 Node service
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    Senior Applications DeveloperBank of America

     —    a year

    The Saber2 dev team was an internal development task force charged with modernizing and replacing Bank of America's capital reporting platform, Saber

    • Created Distributed Scheduler API using redis/couchbase
    • Led daily standups with 8 person team focused horizontal delivery of apps to bank-wide users.
    • Created Event Management AI agent to evaluate and dispatch calculation jobs based company need
    • Guided product execution team to new web migration strategy
    • Provided strategic training to collaborating teams on new web migration strategy
    • Interfaced daily with customers to support software products
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    Senior Backend Python DeveloperDivvy Cloud

     —    9 months

    • Architected reporting event emission pipeline
    • Architected and implemented a GUI based, JSON driven cloud automation framework “BotFactory” - scale tested for use with General Electric cloud computing.
    • Designed unit test implementation strategy around 3 year old legacy code base cloud harvesting engine
    • Created cloud testing framework tools for use with multiple asynchronous python processes
    • Designed Clojure based microservice replacement architecture for use with cloud harvesting service.
    • Designed a cloud simulation engine using jinja2 templating and XML responses in combination with a flask server.
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    Python DeveloperFreelance

     —    a year

    • Created User Controls and complex animations using JavaScript and Python Kivy
    • Unit testing using Pycharm Integrated nosetests and coverage, using Mock when needed.
    • Developed Login and Account creation feature for Android.
    • Developed a data migration feature using GZ File Compression and AES 256 encryption.
    • Modified CSS in order to provide cross-browser integration.
    • Manipulated JavaScript & jquery code to enhance user functionality with new website.
    • Develop table less, W3C compliant web sites using CSS, XHTML, Javascript, jQuery and Python.
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    Python/Django/SQL Site BuilderIndependent Contractor -- Friends and Family

     —    a year

    • Implemented LSFR algorithm to generate unique shortcodes for SMS messaging
    • Architected robustness system for notifications when SMS carrier is unavailable
    • Designed and implemented migration framework using petal - migrated from postgres into couchbase
    • Started developing web applications with Django 1.4 to 1.7
    • Successfully migrated the Django database from SQLite to MySQL with complete data integrity.
    • AJAX with jQuery


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     —    2 years

    Temple University


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    Python Master

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    Rust Intermediate

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    C# Intermediate

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    AWS Serverless Master

    • SAM
    • EC2
    • Lambda
    • DynamoDB
    • ECR
    • Alexa
    • Cloudfront
    • S3
    • Cloudformation
    • Sns
    • Appsync
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    Javascript/Client Master

    • React
    • Nodejs
    • Clojurescript
    • Vue.js
    • Webcomponents
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    Clojure Master

    • Java
    • Datomic
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    Docker Advanced

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    Go Beginner

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    Data Advanced

    • Couchbase
    • Elasticsearch
    • Postgresql
    • Dynamodb
    • Sql
    • Mysql
    • Redshift
    • Kafka
    • Sns
    • S3
    • Graphql